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We are a NYC-based multidisciplinary creative agency with strategic partnerships in Paris, London, Berlin, and L.A.


We offer production design, guest list procurement and curation, event photography, venue sourcing, programming design, programming of talent, and marketing.

Our partners trust us to translate their brands identities into our world and we deliver through custom strategies that tell their story with compelling brand positioning.


We create culturally relevant experiences that build strong momentum around brand and long lasting customer followings.

Our clients:

Jean Paul Gaultier, Acne, Heaven by Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Gentle Monster, Campari Priscavera, Office Magazine, APC, Highsnobiety, Vaquera, Beauty Papers, SSENSE, Knowles, Kim Shui, Caroline Polacheck, Private Policy, Luar Puppets & Puppets, Bad Binch, TongTong, Vanity Fair, Universal Music, Red Bull, Alec Monopoly, NARS, Pepsi Max, NYC Ballet, Vogue, Hawaiian Tropics, Porsche, Bacardi, Red Bull, Mondrian Hotel

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