Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our list of frequently asked questions below to assist you with your possible purchase. In addition, feel free to contact our sales department via our Contact page for any additional inquiries such as Affiliate Marketing.

Facebook Questions

Are these likes targeted?

Our standard services are worldwide likes and followers; this means you may receive users from various countries. We try to promote your page to an English speaking audience, but ultimately, we cannot control what kind of people want to like your page with this worldwide audience. We don’t offer support for targeted fans from other countries at this time, though we are hoping to release something like this in the future.

Are these real Facebook likes?

Yes. Our Facebook likes are real human accounts, and are not created with software or other illegal techniques.

What’s the difference between “website likes” and “Facebook fans”?

“Fan/Business Page” likes are for Facebook fan pages only (example). Website likes are for website like buttons (example). If you’ve ordered website likes and your website does not currently have a Facebook like button, you can grab one from Facebook’s Social Plugin page. If you’ve ordered Facebook website likes, please make sure your Facebook like button is pointed to your homepage. If it is pointed to a fan page, your new total likes will not reflect in your like button. If you have a fan page box (example) on your website that is pointed to a fan page, or if you’re like button points to your Facebook fan page, you must order one of our “Fan/Business Page” packages, as we would be promoting a fan page, not a website URL. If you are unsure which package to order, simply reach out to us via our contact page, and we’d be more than happy to point you in the right direction.


Twitter Questions

An average, how many Twitter followers can I get per day?

Our estimate is that you will get between 500 – 1000 followers/day until completion of order.

Do you require my account password?

No, only the URL link to your Twitter page is required.

Does my account risk suspension?

Our methods comply with Twitter guidelines and we have dealt with thousands of accounts with none facing any suspension.

What’s your guarantee for maintaining a certain number of followers?

Since we deliver real follower it is normal to have a depletion rate of less than 1%. People unfollow for who know what reasons so this is possible. If you have a depletion rate of more than 5% of your followers we can replace all followers lost at no extra charge. We guarantee our followers for Lifetimes!


Instagram Questions

How do you guys do this?

We broadcast your Instagram page though our proprietary networks to acquire real Instagram followers. We are one of the few on the internet that can achieve this without the need your your password!

What method would you use to obtain followers?

Unlike many less trustworthy websites we don’t need passwords. You’ll start receiving fans immediately through our safe, secure, and proprietary techniques. Your Instagram account won’t be in danger.

When will I start to see results when I make a order?

We’ll start focusing on your  account within 6  hours.


YouTube Questions

After placing my order how long do I have to wait for my views to start going up?

All you have to do is this, wait for a confirmation of your order from one of our staff members and within 24 to 48 hours and your YouTube views will start to increase.

As a YouTube Partner won’t my account risk being closed or suspended?

We have never had a case of any account we are working with being closed. We have worked with multiple YouTube Partner accounts. All our clients have received millions of views and yet not one account has been suspended to date.

Can you guys increase my YouTube views?

Yes we can increase your YouTube views to help your reputation and video ranking!

How do you guys provide the YouTube views?

We do not use bots or proxies. No methods are used that can get your account banned. We acquire the views by way of social sharing through multiple networks. This ensures all the views are real and thus cannot affect your account.

How many YouTube views can I expect when I hire your services?

For our Drip Fed views you can expect 500-1500 views per days. Our Fast Views views runs at about 5000-15000 views per day.

Will I get likes, comments and subscribers from using your services?

No for the simple reason that we acquire the views by way of sharing through social media platforms. Viewers are not actually logging into YouTube to watch the videos.

Will the views affect my Adsense campaigns?

No they will not our views are completely Adsense safe.